What is the point of this Journal?

For people like you to read my ramblings, thoughts and maybe more. The further you scroll down, the later the posts are.

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I've done like, nothing at all? I learnt how to pogo with the stock rocket launcher in TF2. Thats it, I guess.

Actually, I kinda lied. I've been thinking about this whole COVID-19 bullshit. To be honest, I don't think anyone expected it. I just wonder what's gonna happen after all of this blows over here in England. Despite the fact I don't leave my house, something feels... off about the fact I can't leave my home despite the fact I wouldn't plan to in the first place. Maybe it just feels super isolating, y'know. It's all fun and games to speak to someone on discord or sit in a group chat with all of your best mates, but it just rubs me the wrong way. I'm losing track of time too. Minutes kinda feel like hours, I guess you could put it that way. Days kinda just mix into one big day or week. It's weird, really weird. I don't really have much to add on after that. Stay safe people. Wash those hands, alright?


I've been working on Hammer maps recently, y'know, maps for the Source Engine.

Picture of my first completed hammer map [de_boxfort] with incomplete lighting.

Hammer mapping is... kinda fidgety. You can't just simply plop stuff in the camera view. There are 3 other views which are 2D and typically consist of 3 angles. You gotta put the blocks there. Atleast props are easier to place, just click in through the camera view or put your mouse where you want it and paste the prop if its in your clipboard. My first map, de_boxfort gives the CT's the task of protecting their boxfort, as T's move up ahead to kill the CT's and plant a bomb there.

To whoever is reading this, sorry for not keeping updated over the past few days.

Click this text to download my first map [de_boxfort]

nav_generate may be required for bots


I am devastated to hear about the death of Rick May. Most known for his talent for voicing The Soldier from Team Fortress 2. It truly shows how volatile we all are, and how vulnerable we are. His death occured on the 8th, and was adressed by the voice actor of Sniper. For being one of my favourite classes... I am truly upset. We all are. People decided to pay tribute to him by going onto Casual matchmaking and doing the shotgun taunt. Obviously, Rick wasn't only just "The Soldier". He voiced other characters and appeared in other shows. He was a talented man. I usually dont care much for celebrities and other voice actors, besides the fact they are also human, and have a family surrounding them, but this one hit HARD. I dont like this. I didn't even know this guy personally and it hurt me just as much as if anyone close to me passed away. Rick survived a heart attack, and whooped cancers ass. Shame he didn't recover from this. I hope less people fall to this shit.

GMOD poster I created in memory of Rick.

Me and some TF2 players paying tribute.


Damn. Maybe I shouldn't keep my site abandoned. Sorry for not updating it, I guess.

Not much has happened through these times, obviously with quarantine going on and stuff. I don't trust this whole lockdown garbage to be ended early, although a lot of people want that. It just seems like a huge saftey risk for workers and others to go out when it could still potentially be around. People could have it still, and they may not know. I could be wrong here, but I do recall hearing that the typical symptoms of this virus take a few days to actually take effect. Take that with a huge grain of salt though, as I could be very wrong. As for what I've done so far? I've put up a few clips on my youtube channel. Yeah. Shitty TF2 clips... What fun we have.

See you all probably 3 of you who actually check the site in another 5 million years or whatever the fuck.


I did it again. I keep forgetting about the site. But not anymore, oh no.

Nothing eventful again, just added a button to the devil's domain that is YouTube. Uploaded some videos there, hopefully that'll satisfy anyone here. I do wanna get popular on youtube a bit, I feel like I could try my hand at content, its just that I need to be more well... devoted. And as you have seen from this site, I'm not really like that. Atleast, for now that is. But yeah, theres more clips on my YouTube channel. I've also tried my hand at other sites but those were different times. I met one of my best mates there but besides that it just didn't really work out for me. Deleted it all. Those who know me probably know what I'm on about. Those who don't know what I'm on about? Don't worry yourself.

Anyway, I'm planning to maybe set up a guestbook or something so I can get more than just static silence from visitors. Maybe a second page for this? I feel like it's being quite clogged now. Maybe it's just me.

If you notice any more changes since this post I wrote up pretty much a few hours after waking up, that's just me fucking about again. Hope you enjoy my shoddily programmed site as it is.


you guys wanna see a list of things i don't like a lot at the moment?


anthony fagtano and his audience [soy retards that probably take advice from /mu/ and think they're ULTRA BASED DOOMERS]



Sometimes the internet makes me want to fucking die. Theres nothing recent about Anthony Fantano that I hate or anything, I just think he's a retard.


Ok, I'm sorry. Maybe I was fairly angry at that time, but you could understand why, right?

Twitter has ruined my time in lockdown, and I've ruined myself, but that doesn't stop me from complaining I suppose. I'll make a FAQ or something to answer common questions from people.


Alright, I'm fixing up the site right now, adding some new stuff probably too. Not much has happened still. Boring.